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Hello 2013!

Well, here it is! The mandatory New Year’s resolutions post. Short and simple this year.

  1. Finish my student teaching and (finally) graduate
    I know this will happen, it’s just a matter of 16 weeks of work and two tests!
  2. Get a good job
    Once I get that degree, it’ll be time to put it to work (no pun intended, but it… works..)
  3. Complete the Goruck Challenge
    I’m all signed up for the Challenge in Cedar Rapids on May 25th. I have five long months of training to get ready for some “Good Livin”, and I’m pumped!
  4. Live simply and be happy
    I think this one speaks for itself.

I feel like I did pretty well with my 2012 resolutions. Hopefully I can keep that up for 2013!


Help for Veterans

Today in class, we learned about how we can help veterans in our community. Many veterans are homeless, or have a lot of difficulties after returning from their tour of duty. During my research on how I can help veterans, I came upon The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). The Wounded Warrior Project provides several ways to support veterans returning from combat after 9/11.

I created a poster supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports veterans and their families after their deployment, from hospital bills to supporting their children stay in school.

For the poster, I used an image from Goruck, another great company that supports veterans through the Goruck Challenge. The images shows a flag on the uniform of a soldier. The flag is what most people consider backwards, however, it is what is worn by all soldiers when they are in battle. It represents the flag that the US infantry would carry as they ran into battle. Goruck was founded by ex-special forces veterans, and the Goruck Challenge is run by other Special Forces veterans, and 10% of the challenge’s funds go to the Green Beret Foundation, which helps veterans of the Green Berets. I decided to make another quick poster for this cause too! I hope to complete a Goruck Challenge soon!

Obviously, I have great respect for all our nations veterans. These are just 2 ways we can help them.