Visit to Price Lab (Iowa R&D School)

In February, we visited Malcolm Price Laboratory School in Cedar Falls for CCA.

We were able to sit in on a physics classroom that was integrating 1:1 computing into the curriculum. I took 2 years of physics in high school, and let me tell you, a 1:1 environment would have helped me grasp the subject much better. Physics is the ultimate mash-up of math and science, and without graphs and experiments, it would be next to impossible to comprehend. Using Excel on their Macbooks, the students in this class were making graphs to show how fast a block would accelerate going down an incline, and how this would change if the incline were steeper.

After observing the classroom, we talked to another teacher about her use of Problem Based Learning. PBL’s are a new form of instruction to me, and it was really neat to see how passionate the students got about their projects. As a teacher, this passion is what we strive for, and PBL’s are a form of unleashing this passion.


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