Problem Based Learning

As I mentioned in my last post, Project Based Learning is a new form of instruction that seeks to solve a problem, and present the solution. Dr. Z often calls it “Passion Based Learning”, as the aim is to get students passionate at solving the problem that is presented to them.

Our group (Team #IDK)  are all special education minors, and chose our problem to be the stereotypes that are put on many special education students, specifically labels that are often placed on them. Our students would create a video that shows how they are an individual, and more than a label that a disability might put on them.

As a special education minor, I really question the effectiveness of PBL in a special education setting. In my classes and experiences in special education, direct, explicit instruction is necessary. PBL is not set up to include the amounts of direct instruction that is needed, and not set up for the amount of reteaching that I have found students need so much of in special education. I will most likely use the exploration that PBL emphasize as a type of culmination activity for my students. I think that will fit best in the curriculum that I will teach in a special education classroom.



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