Lincoln Elementary Visit

In March, we visited Lincoln Elementary in Cedar Falls, and got to observe their use of technology in the classroom. I really liked seeing the different ways they were integrating tech!

The 1st grade classrooms all had a set of iPodTouches, which they got with an outside grant they applied for.

Every class also had a mimeo board, which is able to make a white board work as a large touch-screen projector with the mimeo software suite. We observed students practicing math on it:

We also saw the classroom set of iPads that the school has. They are all synced monthly to a single school computer in the library while stored in this case:

The final thing we observed was a 5th grade class doing a PBL about creating a structure that would be as tall as a doorway (7 feet). They used Google Sketchup to test their designs, then were working in small groups to make the structures out of popsicle sticks. The students were completely engaged in this, and the teacher was facilitating learning, walking around the room and asking them about their designs. It was really a sight to see. In fact the only “alarm” that went off in my head was the 5th graders using hand saws to saw the popsicle sticks to an even smaller size. The students were clearly briefed in safety, and the saws appeared to be very dull, which put my concerns at ease!


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