Collaborative Learning Project/PBL

We present our PBL in class next week during finals. We decided to build upon our original PBL that we worked on earlier in the semester and focus on the idea of being more than a label, with the “I’m Tyler” video as a great example for this.

We decided to explore the idea of student individuality and “labels”, and to have the students discuss what makes them unique and more than a label in a video using iMovie.

Having a Dell, I haven’t used iMovie except just playing around with it, and it seems much simpler and professional than Windows Movie Maker. John made a Jing for the class to use to familiarize themselves with the aspects of iMovie that they will use for the lesson. We are actually fortunate that we will present during finals and have about 2 hours for the class to work on the project, since we are requiring iMovie and a youtube upload for their final product. Making use of the iMacs in the TML lab and schools high speed internet will help students complete the project in the class period.

I’m really excited to see how this goes, and looking forward to the lesson on Wednesday!


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