A Week with an iPad


This past week, I got an iPad (Thanks again, Dad!). Not the fancy-screened “new” iPad, but a 2nd generation after the price drop.

Let me say, I am impressed. I purchased the iPad right before spring break, with the idea that I would have a free week to “play around” and figure out if this device will fit into my workflow. The answer is “Holy cow. This can do so much more than I ever thought a touchscreen device could!”. Over the course of the past week, I’ve used my laptop a total of 4 times (all in a way to stream my music/videos over home sharing. Awesome). The iPad will easily replace my laptop in the future, I am sure of it.
I’m so astounded by the battery life of this thing too. With my usual usage of playing a few games, watching a few shows on Netflix, browsing the Internet, and using Facebook and Twitter, I can go for 3 days (currently at that right now, with 24% remaining!). This is about 69 more hours per charge than my laptop, doing the same things I would use my laptop for. For me, this is more than ideal for a portable computing device.
As for apps, the App Store always has great selections. I’m itching to find some solid, free apps to use for teaching math this semester, but am kind of coming up with the same-ol’ same-ol’. I’ll still be on the hunt as I use my iPad more, and am excited to see the uses for this in education as I continue to use it.
Word processing is extremely simple, too. This entire post has been typed with the onscreen keyboard, and I don’t ever envision myself using a bluetooth keyboard. The whole experience is just so smooth, it blows my mind!

Well, there’s my review in a nutshell. I really, really enjoy my iPad. I feel like every day I discover something new. Until then, feel free to comment if you know any tips or tricks for it, or any “must-have” apps that I may have yet to discover!

For those interested; My current home screens and apps are here and here.


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