Hello 2012

Now that 2011 is over, I can set some goals for 2012. Nothing too “out there”, but a lot of things I’ve been meaning to get around to do or make a part of my day. Here we go

  • Learn to cook

    I have a minimal knowledge of cooking, and being 23 years old, I need to expand this knowledge. I have found myself snacking on junk food more often than I would like. This is unhealthy for me, and my wallet, and needs to stop

  • Be more frugal

    Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of money on food when it looks good at the moment, or little things that I really don’t need. I do need to stop doing that.

  • Read more

    I’ve read quite a few books lately, thanks to my Nook. I just want to free read more. Side note, read The Hunger Games. Now.

  • Start a workout habit

    Working out really didn’t happen last year, and I really need a little more working out. (Idea goes to Zenhabits)

  • Clean at least once a week

    This will help me stay organized, and just give me time to clear my head (and my room).

  • Cut out clutter!

    This is the reason my room can look like a mess, and cutting out the clutter will make cleaning oh so much easier!

So those are my goals. Please, help me work towards them!


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