Trying to take a tour…

I took the Ancient Civilazations tour, which consisted of:

Apollonian Empire – Recreation of a Roman Empire type city, complete with ruins and chariot rides (which I couldn’t find).

Hittite Empire – Recreation of the Hittite Empire. I was surprised to see how closely it resembled recreations I saw in my textbooks!

Museum Island – One of my favorite places in SL. The Ruins of Petra are worth it alone! Especially to any Indiana Jones fan, who will recognize them as the temple where the Holy Grail is found!

Artwork Gallery and Mall – Part of the Apollonian Empire, this is a collection of artwork on display! A pretty neat way to display ancient artwork.

Roma the Roman Market – Reminded me of a gift shop in a museum! Great place to find a toga (why you would need one in SL is beyond me).

Blues in the Night – There was nothing but grass here… Definitely no Woodstock or Bonnaroo

Four Directions World Bazaar – Wasn’t available. Guess that’s world economic problems for ya!

Minoan Empire – Another no go. Too bad, I was hoping to fight a Minotaur!

Egyptian Emporium – No go

Nubian Empire – No go


I guess my Visa had expired or something by the end of my tour. Too bad, I was hoping to see Egypt!



One response to “Trying to take a tour…

  1. Leigh Zeitz December 10, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Sorry that it didn’t work for you, Andy.

    Did you try searching to see if you found anything Egyptian?

    Here are some SLurls for Egypt in SL

    You can search in SL but I have even found that I can sometimes find things on the Web that link into SL with a SLurl.

    Sorry for the deadends.


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