They Say (Second) Life’s About the Journey…

After beginning my journey into Second Life on Lionheart Island, I have to say Second Life makes a little more sense. The ability to press “alt” and click to zoom in on an object makes exploration a lot easier!

I’m a little discouraged that I have yet to find anybody in either Lionheart or Iowa Island that are also exploring Second Life. From the video that was shown in the second tutorial, it seems as though the main draw to the game is the social aspect. All I have found so far is a very condescending owl in the first tutorial section in Lionheart

Stupid Owl!

Now that I have completed those tutorials, hopefully I can continue my exploration into Second Life, and see where my journey will take me!


One response to “They Say (Second) Life’s About the Journey…

  1. Leigh Zeitz (@zeitz) (@zeitz) November 28, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Looks like things are getting better.


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