Do the Clothes Really Make the (Second Life) Man? (and some reflection)

For our third task, we were told to change the clothes of our avatar. Originally, I used the “college student” default avatar:










This just seemed sort of blah, especially with the exploration I was set to do (since I think that’s the point of Second Life, at least as far as I’ve seen). so:

Much better!









So I changed into the “explorer” outfit! Much better for exploring Museum Island!


So, after all this time fiddling around with Second Life… I still don’t see it’s long lasting educational uses. Over all, it seemed like a fancy time waster, which was pretty much devoid of any other human contact (aside from when our entire class met). As for using this in a school setting, it is kind of cool to see accurately sized representations of landmarks, but is this source better than professional pictures from a National Geographic, or accurately depicted virtual models on Google Earth? I’m not so sure. Personally, I prefer the pictures along with a Google Earth view.

As for using Second Life in a classroom? I’m not really sold. The social aspect is nice, when it is there. I have yet to meet another person. I vouch more for blogging and social networking such as Twitter to build a student PLN, and I’m just not sure where Second Life would fit in to my ideal classroom technology use (if at all).


One response to “Do the Clothes Really Make the (Second Life) Man? (and some reflection)

  1. Leigh Zeitz (@zeitz) (@zeitz) November 28, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Good to keep questioning. Shows that you are looking out for your students and interested in the pedagogical value of “new fangled contraptions.”


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