Smarttable #itec11

I’m not going to hold back here, I hate “Smartboards”. I don’t think teachers receive the training to successfully use them in the classroom as anything more than a fancy projector, or an electronic whiteboard.


At ITEC, I found something that I do think could be used a lot more successfully in early elementary classrooms. Behold: the smarttable!


This really isn’t anything more than a smartboard with multi-touch (like an iPad) scaled down to fit inside a table. This could work perfectly as a station for students to take turns at (much like you would use a smartboard, with small groups at the most). I would really like to see how teachers can integrate this technology into their classrooms, and if it could indeed be successful, or just another smartboard-like flop. However, costing around $4000, this isn’t something I can freely buy and experiment with.

Educators, what are your thoughts? Could this work?


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