More of My Favorite Things

Back in June, I blogged a little bit about myself, and with new readership on my blog (I’m talking to you, EITF2011 folks!) I thought I would share a little more about myself, so maybe we could build a sense of community that, lets face it, is hard to build in a solely online class.

  1. First off, this is me!
  2. I love technology. Clearly, this is an overwhelming reason I am an Instructional Technology minor.
  3. I’m a music nut. I love music, and I’ll give anything a listen. Lately, I’ve been leaning towards indie rock, blues rock, and folk rock. I made a Pandora station consisting of Mumford and Sons, The Black Keys, and Foster the People recently, and it has yet to disappoint.
  4. I strive to get outdoors daily. I used to run cross country until I twisted my plica (a fold in the knee tissue) about 5 years ago. Lately I’ve tried to hike/walk outside daily, and just love getting fresh air.
  5. I really like to write. This surprises me because I absolutely abhor writing papers, but when it’s something that truly interests me (like this blog), I have no problem plugging away at it, or spending a few days perfecting my post. I’m planning on attending the meetings of the Northern Iowan this semester, and hopefully filling in my spare time with something fun and productive.
  6. I love photography. See above: attending Northern Iowan meetings, and maybe snapping a few photos for the paper! Here ( is my Flickr stream, with some pictures I’ve taken over the year.
  7. I love to read! I recently got a Nook, and am loving it. Being able to check out ePub books from my local library means I always have something to read, not to mention some great deal on books and textbooks from the Barnes and Noble store!
  8. Some of my friends say I use exclamation marks too much. I just like to think that I’m an exciting and happy person! I don’t see the problem with that!
  9. I’m a “gamer”. I love playing XBox with my friends, and it’s more or less how we all hang out. This is especially handy as we slowly graduate college and move further apart in Iowa.
  10. I’m a Chicago Bears and Cubs fan. I know, that pretty much makes me an eternal optimist, right?
Well, that’s a little more about me! Hope that gives all you new readers a closer insight into the mind of Andy!

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