iPad or iPad 2…. Or none at all….

So I recently bought an iPad 2, and received a lot of flak over it from several people. Not because in purchased it, but because of the $500 price tag. The original iPad is available from Apple as a refurb for $350.

I justify the extra $150 by knowing that the iPad 2 has the latest specs, therefore it will last me much longer (my 2nd gen iPod touch and 5 year old iPod video are still ticking, but this could be an argument for both sides…). However, when these people who are so close to me seem so upset, I can’t help but feel I made a bad choice. I know I have wanted an iPad for quite awhile, and will use this quite often at school, typing up notes, reading books, and using on the go instead of lugging my laptop everywhere. But is the $150 extra to have 2 cameras and a much faster processor worth it? This is something I have 15 days to decide, and hopefully won’t need quite as long to truly decide…


3 responses to “iPad or iPad 2…. Or none at all….

  1. Clay Edwards (@hifiillini) September 15, 2011 at 7:03 am

    I don’t know how this turned out for you, but in my opinion, I hope you kept the iPad 2. In my classroom, we have 5 of each type of iPad. I know that cost effectiveness was a factor, but the older iPad is so slow compared to the new version. In comparing those other devices, I think the argument could be made for old or new, but the deciding factor should be what you use it for. I still use my original iPod nano. I have been persuaded to upgrade, but when I only use it to listen to music and podcast, there is no reason. But if you are using the new iPad on the go, it is much lighter and easier to carry around. I believe the new iPad is 4 times lighter. In reading on iBooks, students have noticed the lag on page flips on the old iPad compared to the new which is tolerable, but annoying. I use the iPad 2 everyday in my classroom. Its compact style makes it useful to me while I am facilitating the classroom. Let me know what you decided.

    • asmith1106 September 15, 2011 at 9:15 am

      Thanks for the reply Clay!

      I actually ended up returning the iPad about an hour after I wrote this post.When I teach, I would love to have one at my disposal, but that won’t be until fall 2013 at the very least! The price was what really made my decision for me, as $500 is really a lot of money that a college student can live off of (3 months of bills actually!). I still think one would be really nice to use for my college classes and work on campus, but the price tag would have to drop closer to $200 to make that a reality for me.

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