My Favorite Things…

So I came up with this idea a few days ago, and decided to make a small list. Enjoy! But don’t expect any fun giveaways a la Oprah… I’ll start with the things that I’m most thankful for:

  1. My family, friends, and girlfriend. – What can I say, they’re always there for me and the #1 reason for all the happiness in my life
  2. Creativity – Although I feel like mine comes and goes (I’ve had more than my share of “Well, that seemed like a good idea” moments), I feel that my creativity can kick in at clutch moments. I also greatly appreciate creativity when I see it in others (one of my favorite things as a soon-to-be teacher)
  3. Humor and Sarcasm – Life would be dull without it
And a few of my favorite “things”
  1. iPod – Be it my big ol’ iPod video, my iPod shuffle, or my iPod touch, I can’t find a better way to carry my music with me everywhere I go
  2. Droid X – At first I was worried this thing would be too big… I couldn’t have been more wrong. This has everything I want from a phone and more. I don’t think I can use a touchscreen phone with a display less than 4″ after this bad boy.
  3. XBox 360 – Seriously awesome. Honestly the best way my friends and I stay in touch when not at school, while still feeling like we’re back in the dorms, all playing with the doors open, without the screaming about creepy cosmonaut monkeys… most of the time.
  4. UNI and Kirkwood – The colleges I have attended over my excessively long college career. Not only have I learned valuable things for my future career, but I’ve met some amazing friends and people that have made a big difference in my life.
  5. My Camelbak bottle – Ok this might seem silly, but this water bottle rocks. It keeps my water cool for hours, and is just plain fun to drink out of!
  6. My Under Armour Bag – This is my Man Bag. Seriously. I could use this for carrying anything and everything if I could, and I try.
  7. USA – Not just the country (duh) but the TV station, because of my favorite shows: Burn Notice, Psych, White Collar, Royal Pains… The list could go on. Thanks for making TV fun again!
  8. Macbook Air – Had to sneak this in here. Super psyched to get this, and I’m sure it will do the job for a ultraportable laptop for me for years to come
  9. InterfaceLIFT – My go-to site for cool wallpapers/photos. These people have a knack for taking some extremely appealing photos and turning them into amazing wallpapers
That’s all for now! I hope to keep this coming in different installments… So stay tuned!

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