Learning to be Productive and Organized

I have a problem with coming up with lots of great ideas or plans… then not following through in the slightest. This due to lack of organization I’m sure.

I want to change that this summer. Here’s how:

  1. Utilize Google Calendar and Springpad to sync tasks between my computer and phone, so I always know what is going on
  2. Keep my desktop organized on my computer, and try to be as minimal as possible to avoid distractions and, well, crap that I don’t need
  3. Keep my desk as organized as possible (This goes more for school than at home, but I still need to tidy my area up)
  4. Keep saving my money, get a Macbook Air at the end of the summer before school starts. (Reasons? see #2 and #3). If so many Mac bloggers can use it as their primary computer, then I’m sure I can get by just fine!
  5. Keep my room clean, which is something I have always had… problems.. with, and I plan on changing that this summer also
  6. Rate my iTunes music so all of my absolute favorite tunes can be easily accessible, especially for playing in my car
And there ya have it! If I follow those 6 tasks this summer, my life can be a hell of a lot easier. That I am completely sure of.

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