Work, Work Work…

I guess it’s that part of the summer! My (few) weeks of no worries are behind me, and it’s time to get going with the summer job.

And this summer is going to rock!

I’m working my 3rd year at daycamp, and I can tell you, this year is going to be awesome! The kids are great, and the staff is even better. 4 days down and I can tell this is going to go much smoother than last year, in about every way possible. Everything I’ve learned in my Ed. classes are actually coming into play this year too! Which is making me feel a lot more confident about being a teacher.

On the flipside of the great summer… Having a job when I return to school is not looking so well. Thank you financial aid office for telling me one thing, then doing another. At least my boss from last year seems to have my back, that makes me feel a lot better about this situation. For the past 3 semester’s I have had nothing but trouble when dealing with the Financial Aid office unless I manage to call or come in completely pissed off, which is not something I like to do. Hopefully this all sorted out by the time I’m done with daycamp so it doesn’t hang over my head during the last 2 weeks of break in August.

Anyway, I managed to teach my class the Interlude, and I’m damn proud of it. We’ve danced it twice this week, and I’m vowing to dance it at least 3 times a week. The kiddos love it as much as everyone at UNI does!

Time to go back to a relaxing Saturday! As always, until next time folks…


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