E3 2011: Year of the Kinect?

Microsoft just finished their 90 minute conference, and what can I say?

I think it’s time to go out and buy a Kinect.

I think 90% of the show showcased new Kinect features and games, and the only bit that didn’t intrigue me was the Disney game (gimme a few years and ya know, a family of my own… then that demo will be interesting). As for the games that I could see myself playing… Kinect sure has grown up.

Besides that? Microsoft had a damn good conference in my opinion. Hearing that all Tom Clancy games will integrate Kinect just gives me shivers thinking the awesome ways that they could integrate that into Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell. I simply can’t wait!

So now comes the decision time. Over the past week or so I’ve kind of bobbled the idea of getting the macbook air, a new Windows machine, or just streamlining this laptop to get rid of the “fluff”, and choice 3 is seeming the best idea. The Air is a nice laptop, as are most laptops costing upwards of $700 nowadays, and I just can’t justify spending that amount right now when this laptop works perfectly fine for what I need it for (I will eat this words in about 2 weeks or so I’m sure, after I see this whole iCloud thing in motion, which sounds awesome). After I graduate and have a real job, or when this beast breathes it’s last breath, then I’ll put more consideration into it. When it comes to games and such, that’s staying entirely on my 360, since that’s its primary purpose. Still toying around with the idea of a 128 gb SSD, but definitely going to purchase a new keyboard, much cheaper than a new laptop. (Remind me this, my friends, new laptop when this one croaks or no longer works as I need)

So, now it’s time to finish the cleaning that I have been meaning to do all break so far! And research some Kinect deals this for the week, before they’re inevitably hard-to-find again. Until next-time folks!

Disclaimer: Expect the internal argument over the Air, etc, to change weekly. I’m trying to fight the technophile side of me… It’s a hard fight, and I don’t think anyone’s a winner in this war 😉


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