Well, Really Failed that Resolution… Take 2?

Well so much for blogging weekly…

It’s been a busy semester! 17 credits, 1 night class, 3 methods, yea.. lotsa teaching! Overall its been very good! I’m just working on finishing my 1st “Iowa” lesson plan for 2 weeks of Iowa lessons for a 4th grade class… Should be interesting!

In other news, I’ve taken up (or should I say… I have tried) rock-climbing,slacklining (ok, I can barely balance and haven’t yet gotten to the point of putting both feet on, but I’m close and it’s fun!), playing catch with a Nerf football, and the ol’ college pastime: frisbee. It’s been fun when the weather is nice anyway!

Don’t worry, even with all that fun, I’m keeping up with my schoolwork. I’m confidant this is going to be another good term, and so will the next 3… yes 3… The way that my Special Ed minor is set up will push me back a semester, so I’ve added another minor, Ed Tech. Should be fun though, I love that stuff!

Emily and I have also started another blog (that we need to update :/ ) about what’s been going on in our lives while we’re up here. So this blog will tend to be my rants, rave, and general geeking out. I promise to*try* to keep the “OMG Call of Duty is the WORST game ever! Such a piece of $#!& It’s just stupid!” and “OMG CoD was so fun. We totally pwned those noobs” posts to a minimum. (In all seriousness… this game makes me feel bipolar like no other. The more I play, the more I hate and love it at the same time. It’s like a bad relationship or something…)

Well, that’s it for now! Time for bed before teaching tomorrow!


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