And here we go… Again

What an exciting (and busy) first week of school this has been!

First of all, I made it back up to school on Saturday, and my girlfriend Emily was sick… not the best feeling on the way up to school, but the seeing her when she got up here the next day sure eased that feeling! Dumb 24 hour flu (which is going around apparently… I haven’t gotten it yet… Knock on wood!)

The first weekend was like most weekends, a sprinkling of hanging out with the guys (it was great to see Aaron, Andrew, Jason,  Nic, and Steve again), playing a little bit of XBox and WoW, and just generally catching up!

Then the dreaded first week of class came, but wasn’t nearly as horrible as I was expecting. Having 2 classes Monday and Wednesday and 3 classes in a row Tuesday and Thursday isn’t nearly as bad as I had expected! And no classes Friday means always having a 3 day weekend! Yeah!

Even more eventful than the classes is the fun I’ve had in the dorm this year! Whoever gave Shull the nickname of the “Shull Shut-Ins” doesn’t know me and my friends! Not only have we had our usual group from last term (Emily, Steve, Nic, Jason, Aaron and Andrew), but we’ve added some new faces (Fred, Kyle, Jen, and Drew). Sure, I knew all of them in some shape or form last term, but we’ve all really started hanging out as a group this term! As Nic wrote Socialite” href=”” target=”_blank”>in his blog this is very unlike our dorm, and very awesome.

Well, it’s just about time to start a second week here, hopefully I can add a little more structure to using my time for schoolwork and get around to those resolutions I wanted to work on! Can’t wait to see what this week brings!


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