New Year’s 2011

Hi everyone!

Well, we’ve made it 4 days into the New Year, so…. I should probably make some resolutions, right? (Better late than never huh?)

1) Blog at least once a week

  • Thats what this is for, right?

2) Work out (in some shape or form) once a week

  • Short and sweet… I miss being able to run 10 miles (or just 1 mile) in a single shot!

3) Eat healthy

  • I ate wayyyyy too much pizza and well, crappy food this past year, especially at the dining center… So I wanna knock that off!

4) Be more organized

  • My room is a mess, and I hate it. Organizing on a regular basis will help 🙂

And there we have it! T Minus 4 days til I head back to school and hafta get back into the ol’ studying routine. Last term went really well… Let’s see if I can pull it off with 17 credits again!


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